Intersex/VSC Issues raised in the UK Parliament for the first time

On Monday 9 September, APPG Vice Chair Baroness Barker raised intersex issues for the first time in the UK Parliament, asking an oral question on what the government is doing to uphold the rights of all intersex VSC people in the UK.

Peers raised the issue of unnecessary surgery on intersex infants and children, the lack of data surrounding intersex people and the types of interventions performed in NHS hospitals, the need to update the Equality Act 2010 to include variations of sex characteristics, the importance of ensuring appropriate training and awareness raising on intersex issues for health professionals and public officials, including legislators, the judiciary and policymakers, as well as parents and the general public, and the need for more child and adolescent psychiatrists with expertise on intersex issues.

You can watch the video.

You can read the full transcript from Hansard.